You like to have your Oerder page in the Internet also connected via
As the Internet is for everybody and each domain name can only be assigned once, I'm happy to provide this to you. The goal of my webpage is, that all who have the name Oerder or run a business under that name can be reached via this page. Links on Oerder business pages will have priority. 

Of course, you must accept, that you are responsible on your own for the content of your website. Also, I'll link only those pages, which don't display anything bad and don't go against the etiquette.

In addition, I can offer free of charge everybody who runs a business under Oerder to create a simple Internet page describing your business and providing the address. Of course, that can't be the substitute for your real own Internet address but would be the first step to be present in the most important network of the world. By the way, I recommend, as the provider for your own website because they handle it easy, cost effective and it runs absolutely reliable. 

One other topic: I spend a lot of time on the genealogy of the Oerder family (I'm back to 1696) and therefore will be grateful for any information on this matter.

If you would like now to get in contact, the easiest way will be to send an email to:

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